Studied under thermodynamics, postulates, theorems is the word stability. 

Digging deeper and deeper, to serve the purpose of survival, is knowing what it means and what its role has in our practical lives.
Funny, how everything is chained to the conclusion of how stable you are. 

We live to be stable. 

Eat to be stable.

Discover to be stable. 

And, become stable to be stable.
Ever wonder, what it’s like to be unstable​.

I’m sorry if you directly relate instability with poor mental health.


Not being stable doesn’t always have to do with how the cerebral hemisphere works when you’ve lost it. It doesn’t care if the organs inside of you are progressive.
I relate instability with courage, with un-taboo-ing.

It’s wearing a shirt without a bra. 

Chilling with boys late at night.

 Applying majestic red pop lipstick and not asking for it.

Marrying someone of the other caste / religion.

Standing for yourself.

It’s not being a virgin before marriage. 

And, being independent and doing what you love.

It’s bout making your own body a work of art.

As you might be thinking, what clichèd, useless, repetition am I doing? 

Yes, I’m. 

It’s the same air they breathe. And the same air they ruin. 

It’s like you want it to survive, but won’t stop complaining bout it either 

It is a dilemma.

Irony is that it seems like it is cumbersome , but we all know what we want, it doesn’t matter if it makes us stable or unstable. What matters is if it calms us in the race of being stable.

What matters is, in the way of achieving your goals that you’re supposed to achieve, what are the things that make you happy. 

For all those few uncountable, won’t be remembered moments, be crazy. Lose your mind, be unstable. 

Make instability pave way for your happiness.

Make it mark the moment for eternity.

Make it remember the faces around you.

Make it do what it can do.

“It’s a shame, you’re unstable.”

” What a disgrace!!”

No, we all came with nothing and we’ll go with nothing. Except the love you and I created. It’ll be with us, and be perpetual with us.

It cannot be taken away. So pave way for everything.
Don’t die before you actually do. 

“Human love, human trust , are always perilous, because they breakdown. The greater the love , the greater the trust, and the greater the peril, the greater the disaster. Because to place absolute trust in another person is in itself a disaster , both ways, since each human being is a ship that must sail it’s own course, even if it goes in company with another ship. And yet, love is the greatest thing between human beings.”

– D.H. Lawrence


2 thoughts on “Stable

  1. CRD says:

    This almost felt like a counselling session…in a good way. I’m glad I read this.

    You’re right…a lot of us are expected to act out or behave in a certain way…within the bounds of what’s deemed to be acceptable behaviour. Any that prevents us from living the one life that we all have fully.

    Of course, there are some of us who might be slaves to habit and in love with their self-images, who might not want to deviate from their paths, even if for a brief moment. Maybe it’s discipline, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s false pretence, maybe it’s not.

    Maybe we know…maybe we never will.

    Loved reading this. Was this completely random? Stay random…or unstable, if I may say so 😉

    Do drop by my blog. Would love your feedback.

    www()scriptedinsanity()blogspot()in <– game of dots 😉


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