Studied under thermodynamics, postulates, theorems is the word stability. 

Digging deeper and deeper, to serve the purpose of survival, is knowing what it means and what its role has in our practical lives.
Funny, how everything is chained to the conclusion of how stable you are. 

We live to be stable. 

Eat to be stable.

Discover to be stable. 

And, become stable to be stable.
Ever wonder, what it’s like to be unstable​.

I’m sorry if you directly relate instability with poor mental health.


Not being stable doesn’t always have to do with how the cerebral hemisphere works when you’ve lost it. It doesn’t care if the organs inside of you are progressive.
I relate instability with courage, with un-taboo-ing.

It’s wearing a shirt without a bra. 

Chilling with boys late at night.

 Applying majestic red pop lipstick and not asking for it.

Marrying someone of the other caste / religion.

Standing for yourself.

It’s not being a virgin before marriage. 

And, being independent and doing what you love.

It’s bout making your own body a work of art.

As you might be thinking, what clichèd, useless, repetition am I doing? 

Yes, I’m. 

It’s the same air they breathe. And the same air they ruin. 

It’s like you want it to survive, but won’t stop complaining bout it either 

It is a dilemma.

Irony is that it seems like it is cumbersome , but we all know what we want, it doesn’t matter if it makes us stable or unstable. What matters is if it calms us in the race of being stable.

What matters is, in the way of achieving your goals that you’re supposed to achieve, what are the things that make you happy. 

For all those few uncountable, won’t be remembered moments, be crazy. Lose your mind, be unstable. 

Make instability pave way for your happiness.

Make it mark the moment for eternity.

Make it remember the faces around you.

Make it do what it can do.

“It’s a shame, you’re unstable.”

” What a disgrace!!”

No, we all came with nothing and we’ll go with nothing. Except the love you and I created. It’ll be with us, and be perpetual with us.

It cannot be taken away. So pave way for everything.
Don’t die before you actually do. 

“Human love, human trust , are always perilous, because they breakdown. The greater the love , the greater the trust, and the greater the peril, the greater the disaster. Because to place absolute trust in another person is in itself a disaster , both ways, since each human being is a ship that must sail it’s own course, even if it goes in company with another ship. And yet, love is the greatest thing between human beings.”

– D.H. Lawrence


Rhapsodizing symphonica


Paralyzing. De-paralyzing thoughts. Stimulating not only your brain but your whole body. You flow with it, you dance with it, you float with it, you gloat with it. It’s a time machine to past and future. Or a black hole to an unknown world which exists in/beyond your imaginations. It’s the sense to the 6 senses. It’s the held back you. It’s the part of you, that died with someone you once knew. But you relive it. It’s the music of our souls dancing around while our bodies play the role play.
Its beautiful smell that you can’t forget. It’s the background to your eye games and smirks. It’s the notorious yet innocent you. It’s the lost you. Its the worried and depressed you. And it’s definitely the happy you.
And when the lyrics fit in, it’s reunion of the two lost souls.
It’s the combination of hell and heaven. It’s the cage bird who admires the worldly pleasures.
It’s the satisfied you, sitting on your porch and watching the sunset across the lake and the pine trees.
The little waves of the shallow streams coming down the mountain. And, then growing larger and intense. And, later silent as they’re lost and become the reflection of what they see.
The wind that cuts through you at silent lands. Its that. It is the most intimate when its slow.
It is the memory of the beautiful little things between tough times and those little smiles.
Music is no less than love. Music is no less than a dream that we think we’ve forgotten but we have it stored. This world is just the work of myth where we play our roles and die. But what lives is this, beyond ages and beyond infinity. BECAUSE IT IS THE UNCONTAMINATED WATER ON WHICH YOU CAN RELY. Music is vague. It is the torn notes to your tune. I cannot describe anymore, it would destroy its beauty, and I’m done with words for now.

Till then, “lights will guide you home and ignite your bones and I will try to fix you.”🎶

The Defense Mechanism


*Well, this is no way related to biology or defense forces.*

Defending yourself from situations you think will kill you. Can be procrastination or *adds more synonyms of procrastination*.

Well, I need to emphasize more on how we run away from things/ situations we think will depress us or certainly will break us from the inside. Because eventually, we assume what is going to happen next, and before reaching up to that situation we run away and while we’re running away we think we did the best[est] thing ever possible and are SORT OF RELIEVED.

But we aren’t.

We aren’t relieved.That is a myth; a misconception that we’re safe after running away from the situation. It’s just that, we think of it as an accomplishment, that we were successful enough to assume what’s going to happen next and beforehand we protected ourselves from it.





Because, running like this never offers you relief, like I said it’s a myth. It’ll only add up to, worrying more about it.

Running away would become tiring.

How much further will you run?RUN.png

Put a stop. Try to understand and face the situation. Know the situation. Know whether the one you assumed about and the real one, are they the same?


Running away is what cowards do.

If you think,*just assuming a situation, for example* your friend will fight with you, so FIGHT!


Do not think of what he’ll/she’ll think. Try to sort out the things. Else you’ll be stuck. Stuck in time. The situation you left behind will haunt you forever.

If you don’t have the strength to face, then gather the courage and take your time.

But don’t leave things hanging in the air. It only builds loops. Don’t be afraid of rejection. *Rejection of your thoughts.* Eventually at the end of it, the relief that you will face, compares no other relief in the world,because you at least tried.

Procrastination may relieve you for a while only, but later the worry does come in.

And, if you think it’s not rejection, its the waste of time that happened. Then, let it be the waste of time.

Let that sort of regret come in. But the regret of not trying would not find its way back to you, is an assurance. *Rather never regret, its injurious*

Because i read somewhere “Procrastination is like masturbation– you’re only fucking yourself.”

You would not want that to happen, would you?


And, Learn.

You never know,you’d survive.


Wholeness is overrated.


It is true, we all want to be complete from every single angle we see our lives.

Dreaming all the time how our lives would’ve been if we had a certain entity to complete the particular void in our lives?

Ain’t that true?

Yes, it is. That is what makes us human.

Complete/wholeness can be taken in many ways.

We either want to complete ourselves by finding a soulmate or commodity or food or maybe just dreaming about if you were satisfied with what you have.

But in todays world of selfies, selfishness and show-off.

Wholeness has become overrated in every term.


This leads to dangerous consequences and depression for sure.

It ain’t less, but funnily there is a competition between how more you can brag about how you think you can work upon the wholeness lacking in your life.

But satisfaction is something which doesn’t come easily, nevertheless it is a pure form of attraction. 

Halves on the other hand, which we can give the other name to satisfaction is way more attractive as I mentioned before.

Half is somehow equal to happiness.

Whole is boring. Do you ever wonder how your life would have been if you had everything?

If you’ll see through the eyes of *i lack so much in my life and shiz* you’ll find the ‘whole’ life perfect.

But through the eyes of the *satisfied one* you’ll definitely find it a package of boredom.


Sharing the incident of most of the Indian’s life;

Those beautiful nights or rather the nights when the electricity cut off used to actually lighten our lives.

Sleeping on the terrace, watching the beautiful starry sky.

Playing around with friends;

Did it ever bother us that our lives were incomplete in any way? Nope, because satisfaction had it sitting in our hearts. So why is it that we can’t do it now?




Pleasure of half is beautiful.

Live it.

Because no matter what I say, we all would eventually spend our lives looking for wholeness.

I say, look for the other half.

Be complete by being half.


Look for peace.

Don’t trouble yourself for being not complete, eventually you’ll lead to a saturation point or you’ll  have deja vu’s in between and when the deja vu comes alive, celebrate it like you’ve dreamt of this half that you were finding and you found it.

I am hereby leaving it incomplete, because I somehow have to stick to the name of this blog(?)
Ironically I have to show, wholeness is overrated.







Being high on Senselessness.

Words don’t belong to anyone.
They’re just the most enhanced and precise form of our thoughts.
Which can be full of pain, regret, chaos, joy, life, wonder, sympathy, empathy and what not.
They’re the form of presenting the diverse thoughts residing inside us, which are given a shape , a meaning,  some worth and an image.
Our thoughts, feelings, emotions are not brought to life, into existence until we actually convert them to the form of words.

People’s words may vary. Or they may not. Their feeling/emotions can vary. Or they may not.
They might use the same word, but each would have a different percept
ion, a different meaning towards it.

So, what does it really teaches us?
We must not judge by what a person says, rather connect to him/her mentally?
Is it really possible?
I don’t know. I really don’t have an answer to it.
But Yes.
Judging someone by their words is not justified.
It might have a different meaning for them which would mean something else to you.

Why is it this way,
That the same words which are already being defined, when framed by different perception and point of views are given some other meaning. It makes everything so cumbersome.
Doesn’t it?

It tells us, how everything easy is made difficult.
It tells us, how judging something superficially would fetch you no good.

I believe Nothing is more cumbersome than words and easier than words.

Don’t I sound senseless?
That’s what I was trying to tell you all this time.

Empowering Sadness.


I am an unpredictable person.

The range goes from an isolated book worm/depressed almost dead person to “NOBODY IS MORE AMAZING THAN ME” YAY I GOTTA BE THE WORLD’S BEST ALL ROUNDER PERSON!

Never mind how hyper active i am.

I’ll show what i went through, one day when i was frustrated out of the blue. This is what i call it, because saying depression or migraine attacks is too mainstream.

So here it goes.

I am in need of air.

My mind is a mess.

I am in need of air.

Because I don’t know what I confess.

The feeling is confusing me now.

I am in need of air, Because I am loosing people now.

Walking through the silence, ithink.

I think, to know what’s inside of me.

I think, to introspect. But finds nothing but darkness in whole.

I realize, what I’ve become in the greed to reach the top.

THOUGHT I was the maturest of all.

But hardly did i know, that was the immature side of me, to be sown.

I sit, and watch the rain drops fall down.

Pitter Patter.

And lose themselves to the ground.

It happens every time but never do they pretend to lay them superior amongst all.

Never do they tell, they come from the heavens.

But it’s them being naturally sober, which is something the heaven has given.

Unlike me, who sits there quiet. Thinking in disguise.

This world is so pretentious. Making the people beautiful with ugly minds and ugly with beautiful minds.

And I was trapped in it. Judging people by their sights.

Not knowing, ‘bout what they’re.

But judging them by what they imbibe.

I realized I was wrong.

And I had lost people.

I realized I did nothing to retain them in my life.

But I sat there judging myself.

I need air.

Because I need to breath.

I need air, Because it’s beautiful watching your surroundings glee. 


PS: My words might not be the best frame of my thoughts, but i can only try to present them in the simplest way possible.

From the eyes of a newcomer? *the title DOES NOT IN ANY CASE HINTS YOU ABOUT THE STUFF BELOW*



Nothing to say really but, that’s not actually true, lol. What am i even saying.

Do you see how confused I am?

You shall see it more coming from my side soon.

I am a teen, shy, yet open. Stupid yet intellectual with certain things. Not actually saying am prodigy. But yes, I

Do love to be everywhere yet nowhere. *signs of being confused, part1*

I love to brag a lottt!

I swear a lot.

But that’s totally not ‘ bout my appearance, sense of fashion, food, lifestyle or anything but my achievements and mostly

My experiences.

Till now I have a got a lot to at least write a novel on.


Well, I still don’t really know why am writing such crap right now. But all I can say is, writing is my way of flushing out my thoughts rather frustration I’d say.

It is a way of renewing myself.

I am supposed to be studying my for zoology practical internal exam tomorrow. But I am not.

Very rude, stubborn of me. Lol. HEAVY.

SO, LETS START UP WITH WHAT I WANT *Although, am still very much confused ’bout it, as I mentioned before, confused personality?*

I am a girl, * I don’t know if you were actually able to guess that ? Booyeah, you weren’t, HAH I knew it. You lose, LOOSER! JK, I AM HYPERACTIVE YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT*



Also, It’s not at all because of “boys have more rights” or “boys get the right to continue with their studies ..” and crap.


Not at all.

I am actually done being a girl.

I love to experience.* if you remember(?)*

Atta boy. *don’t say, you don’t*

Anyways, yes that’s the thing out me wanting to be a boy.

That’s one.

Second, I am a hogger.

Hogger in such terms, that I cannot define. Beyond your imaginations.


I want to be rich, rich as in I just want my bank balance to have enough money, so that I can explore random places, eat

Their street food, restaurants, visiting, bakeries. And what not.

Basically, the second thing is enough money for food. *which I personally think I wont get*


I want  to visit random book stores and libraries round the world.

And have a library of my own, with a fire place and a rocking chair around. *pouring hearts and hearts, oops too diabetic, I believe, apologies. *


I am in love with a guy, ‘course a guy, I am not a lesbian. I want to do random crazy stuff with him. Because we don’t actually get to see each other. Let’s just hope he’s a celeb. *AAH mentally dating*


My family, they’re such species in this whole world who can ACTUALLY HANDLE ME.

I want to do something for them, just to bring a feeling their chest with a little happy, really happy pain of “AM SO PROUD OF YOU”.

I LOVE EM VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING. Although, I do fight with ’em, argue, annoy ’em.

But that is because they can handle me.

Its natural. It’s with everyone. Not me.


My buddies.

My boys and girls. Each intellectual, yet dumb and mostly bitches.


Well, for right now am stopping with OH AM A PRINCESS, THESE ARE THE WISHES I WANT TO BE FULFILLED crap. *pun intended*


K bye.